Web Page Calendar Maker for Macintosh

Web Page Calendar Maker for Mac

Web Page Calendar Maker for Macintosh is no longer being actively developed.  Thank you kindly to all of the folks who downloaded and used this little web calendar creating program over these past 20 years; it’s been a lot of fun.  For our loyal customers who would still like to have a copy, we’re keeping the latest download version 1.3 link available.  You’re still more than welcome to drop us a line if you’d like.

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Web Page Calendar Maker gives you the freedom to create monthly web page calendars without the need to write lengthy web page code. Change the style of your calendars to match your site with color schemes and alignments. You can place images, links, and pop-up windows in your calendars with just a few mouse clicks.
If you want completely customized monthly calendars with very little effort, this program is for you.

This program works with both Intel and PowerPC flavors of OS X. It offers the ability to open and use calendars created by its Windows counterpart, HTML Calendar Maker Pro. It knows several languages in abbreviated and non-abbreviated forms, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.