We want to make it easier to afford when you’re using the program on more than one computer.
The table below shows the volume discounts for HTML Calendar Maker Pro for Windows:

Volume Discounts
Quantity Off Total (USD)
1 $14.95
2 – 10 10% $13.46
11 – 19 20% $11.96
20 – 29 25% $11.21
30 – up 30% $10.47

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It is our goal to keep all of our software high-quality but low-priced. We understand that not everyone can afford to pay high software prices for easy-to-use software. This way, programs like HTML Calendar Maker Pro can benefit anyone, from the personal user and smaller, non-profit organizations to the large corporations.

And note that, unlike our high-priced competitors, there is no monthly or yearly fee. Plus, future updates* are always free. Why continue to pay for it again, over and over? Buy once, and you can create as many calendars as you want, without a single restriction. We do not charge on a per-calendar or number-of-events basis.

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*Updates (revisions to existing features) will always be free. In the future we may charge a smaller fee for some upgrades (additional features).